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The Simple Budget Planner

Budgetron is a simple active budget planner. It takes the form of a calculator, but also enables budget tracking. Clicking "Budget" triggers Budget Mode, which takes a value and then allows normal calculations that subtract from it.

Additional features include a history list with labels, preventing loss of work with visual alerts, and optionally tax or tip per indivdiual entry, all to make manual budget keeping easier.

Inputting budget amount

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  • Budget - Create a budget and work from it with normal calculator operations.
  • Tax - Calculate the tax of a single item, based on an applied tax rate.
  • Tip - Standard tip calculator. Set a percentage by moving the slider, and hit apply to adjust your display amount.
  • Reset - Intentional Reset. Avoid losing your work easily with a warning screen that confirms you actually want to delete your budget and history.
  • C - Clear. Almost a standard Clear function, double-tap twice to confirm you want to clear an operation.
  • "Calculate Budget" - Finalize a Budget. Calculates the total tax based on your original input amount, and how much of your budget is remaining. This will conclude the budget, and display an estimated amount spent.


Budgetron will always have a web version that is easily accessible. Additionally, two versions for PC and iPhone are being planned.
  • Web: Free - Available on most browsers
  • Android: 0.99 cents (USD)
Finishing up with a budget.